Lead the Way – An Educators’ Roundtable
25th January, 2020 Pune
After 10 events across India and Middle East, Aditya Birla Education Academy and Mpower conducted a roundtable discussion for school leaders at Mahindra International School, Pune on 25th January 2020. The panellists at this roundtable consisted of Ms. Gargee Mitra, Deputy Head Academics, Symbiosis School Central Directorate; Mr. Payam Shoghi, Principal, Riverdale International School; Ms. Eileen Niedermann, Director, Mahindra International School; Ms. Nilima Sawant, Coordinator Higher Secondary ICSE, Vidya Valley School; Ms. Nirmal Waddan, Principal, The Kalyani School; Ms. Harsimran Kapany, Head of School - MYP, Indus International School; Ms. Chitra Jeya Kumar, Head of School - IBDP, Indus International School; Ms. Soraya Sayed Hassen, Head of College, UWC Mahindra College; Mr. Milad Ghiasi, School Counselor, Victorious Kidss Educares & Ms. Helen Sharrock, Primary Principal, Mahindra International School.

The day began with an introduction to the Aditya Birla Education Trust and the offerings provided by the Aditya Birla Education Academy. This was followed by a Panel Discussion lead by Ms. Carol Sanil from ABEA, to discuss the various roles of the school leader in transforming schools. The key takeaways of which are as follows;
  • Teachers need to familiarise themselves with technology. More teachers are required who have a background of education and technology and use it to create and not consume information.
  • Collaboration between subject teachers followed by individual reflection and subsequent action will lead to better student outcomes.
  • Teachers require an environment that is challenging yet gives them the freedom to try new things with support from the management.
  • No courses today are focusing on child development. The relationship between course content and quality has reduced in the teacher training courses.
  • Leadership is the amalgamation of skills + attitude + knowledge + concepts.
This discussion progressed towards the importance of mental health awareness in schools. A very interactive group discussion on Child & Adolescent Mental Health was conducted by Ms. Apurva Verma from Mpower to brief the participants about the common concerns and measures that schools can take to help students.